To the Brave Care Team:

I want to take a moment to speak out against the recent rise in anti-Asian-American and anti-Pacific Islander hate crimes occurring in our country. This month’s shootings in Atlanta have left us all stunned, and the news of it still weighs heavily on me. As horrifying as that attack was, it’s sadly not an isolated incident. In the last year alone, nearly 4,000 anti-Asian racist incidents were reported. Most of them were against women. This is a number I can’t stop thinking about — for every incident that’s reported, I often wonder how many weren’t.

COVID-19 Is changing the way we interact with each other and the world. People are scared about their jobs, their family, and their own lives.

The difference, for us, is that we are a healthcare company. Brave Care provides pediatric urgent and primary care in Oregon (and 11 more states, virtually), and is, therefore, an essential business. We exist to help others during times of crisis like this, so it’s key that we provide an environment that makes it possible for our team members to do great work.

We are on the front lines delivering care, running COVID-19 tests, and…

Maryam Taheri

Founder & COO of Brave Care. Dog Mom. Lover of polenta, oysters, and cheese boards. You’ll find me hiking, hanging with friends, reading, or cooking.

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